5 thoughts on “Gov. Hutchinson agrees to allow refugees into Arkansas

  1. Did I miss something? Did the CITIZENS OF AR vote to allow refugees settle here? Who is going to pay for this? AR IS ONE OF THE POOREST STATES IN THE NATION.. Last I heard it was at the bottom of the barrel in education. Who is going to pay for housing, medical, education, etc? While Presdient Trump has done an excellent job of bringing down unemployment, WE ARE STILL ONE OF THE POOREST STATES IN THE NATION. Why weren't AR citizens allowed to vote on this? This affects all of us. I oppose this decision made without the approval of the citizen's input. I voted for you…twice…there won't be a third time.

  2. Hey Asa how many are you allowing to move into your neighborhood and how much of your own money are you throwing at this . dumb shit like this is why Arkansas will remain one one the poorest states and to everyone that thinks this wont cost us come back and talk to me when this ass hat raises taxes again

  3. 15 GOP Governors Defy Trump & ask for MORE Refugees.
    Our Veterans living on the streets of America deserve answers!
    This Arkansas Pork barrel project Must END!

  4. So those of us that live here dont get a vote of whether or not we want these people here? Fuck you Asa. It's not same to just let people in that we dont know, if youd let a stranger into your house you're a goddamn idiot

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