Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 19 – Gateman’s Gift – गोविंद सिंह की भेंट

Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 19 – Gateman’s Gift – गोविंद सिंह की भेंट

Okay, sir.
– Greetings sir. Good night, sir. Sir, is my application ready? Come Singh, come. Come. Sit. What is written in it? It’s written in this that
you have worked.. ..for 25 years as a watchman in
this company. – Yes. But now your eyesight
is becoming poor.. ..with your growing age. And now your hearing power..
..has also become poor. So you want to retire from your job. Along with this I have mentioned.. ..about your demand for
a pension. Is it okay? Yes. It’s okay, sir. Give. Will you handover my application
to the manager? Yes, yes Singh. There is not a single
complaint in your file. I would have died of shame if.. ..there would have been
a single complaint. Sir, I have never given a
chance for any complaint. If there is any work
which you can do.. ..then do it with full dedication. Mattress! Buy Mattress! This what our commanding officer
used to often tell us. You were in military that is why.. were so punctual in your work. Sir, what do you feel,
will the manager.. I have told you, don’t worry. First you meet him.
Everything will be fine. – Yes. Salutations to the Light of the Lamp..
– Salutations to the Light of the Lamp.. ..which Brings Auspiciousness,
Health and Prosperity.. ..which Brings Auspiciousness,
Health and Prosperity.. …which Destroys Inimical Feelings..
– …which Destroys Inimical Feelings.. ..salutations to the Light of the Lamp.
– ..salutations to the Light of the Lamp. Enough, it’s very late now go home. Go dear, now go home. Ok aunt, I’ll come tomorrow. Yes. What’s the matter? Nothing. Have tea at least. No. Did the manger get your application? Shastri has told me that
he handover it to him. Then what’s the matter? I don’t know whether I will
get my pension or not. Yes, Govind Singh, your record
is very praise worthy. You never gave a single chance.. complain in the last 25 years. We are very happy with your work. And we have decided
that you will get.. ..a pension of 12
rupees every month. You can retire at the
30th of this month. Yes, sir. Good luck. I am lucky.
But I used to be scared all the time. I never knew that when somebody.. ..would file a complaint against me. You always had this
habit of worrying. When nothing happened
in the last 25 years.. ..the what will happen
in the next 20 days. Nothing will happen. Come, have your tea. Listen, listen. Get up. Yes, what is it?
Ok, so you have to go to work? Yes, its four o’clock. I am getting late for the work. Some guests have come at
their place these days. I have to wash the utensils
for times.. ..and twice the number
of clothes now. Are you going out anywhere
in the evening? Yes, I was thinking of
going till Ramu’s shop. Don’t you feel bored? From the day you have
stopped going to work.. go and sit there daily. I meet 3-4 friends, we chat.
– Aunt. My time gets passed easily.
– Aunt. Yes. Who is it? What’s the matter, Kamla?
What happened? The hand of my doll got broken,
she is crying.- Yes. It paining her very much,
that is why.. ..even I am crying. Let me see. Yes. Oh yes, she has been hurt
really very badly. Don’t cry, Kamla. We’ll try to get a new doll for you.
– Wait! Wait! Wait! I feel that I can repair your doll.
– Really!? Yes really! When?
– Right now. Go and get my bag. But what will you do with it? Wait, my dear Shobharani.
– Grandpa, your bag. Come. Sarrapa, there’s a letter for you. How are you?
– Fine. So how are you Girdhar? Fine.
– How is your dad? He is also fine. Will you be able to give
me some of this sawdust? Why only little you can take it all. At least my clutter will
be cleaned in this way. Thanks a lot, Girdhar. Brother Govind.
– Yes. Hey brother Govind!
– Yes. You are very late today.
What’s the matter? I am stuck up with some work. I want to repair this doll. Have you started playing with dolls? Have you gone crazy? Do you have any colour? For the dolls? Will these be fine? Let me see. Grandpa, adorn her
with anklets also. Really! So now you
want anklets also? Yes. – Come on, I will
adorn her right now. Wow! You have changed
her look completely This is just a beginning, dear. Now you just go on looking. Hey! Ramu, your shop is also there in it. Not only my shop is there
even I am there in it. Singh, how did you make this? I don’t know how. I just made it. Singh, you are a magician. He is an artist. What is its price? Price?
– This is not for sale. Not for sale!
– Okay. Four rupees. I will take it for three rupees.
– Yes. Wow! Singh, you have made
very nice scenery. Wow! Very nice. Well done, Singh! Thank you, sir. Hey, come and have a look. See what Singh has brought. Come, come. Come soon. Come. Did you see what wonder
Singh has done? What have you done? Wow! Really it’s made very nicely. This is a market scene. These are the shops and these.. ..are the vegetable vendors. I will come tomorrow in the morning.
– Ok. Is you doll fine? You look very happy today. Did the manager like your gift? I didn’t meet him. But Mr. Shastri, will handover
that gift to him. You should have seen the faces
of the people in the office. Each and every person
left his work.. ..and kept on looking at my scenery. Why not! The scenery was
made very beautifully. I was thinking that why not make.. ..a scenery of my office
for my next pension day. Yes. Look at this,
this the manager’s car.. ..and the manager is going home. And even you are there in this. Now see, this roof can open up also. Look.
– Really! Can you see the inside view? Hey, there’s each and everything
present in the office over here. Look here, here is the office
and here Mr. Shastri sits. That is my chair. Now look here, these staircases.
– Yes. Yes, these are those staircase, Wow! Singh, really it’s
very beautiful. And without learning he
has done so nicely. This is your second scenery.
– Wow! Look, you must have never seen.. ..such a scenery in
your life before. You have outdone yourself.
– Wow, really you are a.. One should learn from you to make..
..such a beautiful scenery. I hope the manager is not angry.
– Why? Everybody left their work and.. Why will he be angry?
He must be happy. Do you believe it? Yes, yes after all you have
made such nice scenery. Hey! Hey, stay away. The dust from your feet
will stain this village. Why have you kept it in the centre? Yes, this is the best scenery from.. ..all the sceneries you
have made till now. I have made this for myself. I won’t give it to anyone else. This is my dad’s village. I will show this in the exhibition. Who knows I may get a medal. Govind Singh! There is s registered
letter on your name. On my name! Registered letter! Yes. Only lawyers send a registered
letter, isn’t it? Mostly yes. You, you take it away.
I don’t want it. I don’t want it.
– Then what shall I write? That you refused to accept it. No! No! Say that I didn’t meet you. No, this is not possible. Either you take it or
refuse to accept it. Come here. Mr. Murthi! Mr. Murthi! Mr. Murthi! Can’t you put it in some
box very far away.. ..from here and say that it’s lost? Don’t make fun of our department. What is it? It’s come.
– What? How do I know? Maybe our bad luck. Why are you saying like that? Why don’t you open and see it? If you want then you can
tell someone to read it. Do you know what you are saying? You cannot open it. Maybe they have cancelled
my pension. I don’t know what the
manager has written. Then why don’t you
go to your office.. ..and ask someone? No! I will not show my
face again to them. I had made a small doll
of my manager and.. ..made him stand like
that in the scenery. And now! And now! This letter. Ramu! Ramu! Please come here. What’s the matter? There is a registered
letter on my name. Registered letter!
– Yes. What can be in it? Let’s open and see. No, I don’t have the strength. Then? Hey, Govind Singh.
– who is it? Why are you in such a state? Gopal, you are my very good friend. At least you tell me what
is written in this letter? This is not a big thing,
come open right now. No! No! Don’t open it. Without opening it, how
will you come to know.. ..that what is written it ? Don’t be mad! Give it to me. No! No! For God sake don’t open it. What a strange man you are!? Gopal! Gopal! What is it?
– This. You want to know that
what is written in it.. ..without even opening it?
– Yes. Take it to the X-ray hospital. X-ray! – Yes, the doctors
take out a special photo. One can see clearly all
the bones in the body.. ..without cutting the body. That is X-ray.
– Okay! Where is it? Can you see that building?
– Yes. Over there. Sit for ten minutes, I’ll tell you. Sir! Sir! What is it? What do you want? Can you tell me what is
written in this letter? Give it to me, I will read it. No! No, don’t tear it.
Don’t tear it! Won’t you be able to tell
it from the X-ray? From where have you come? I was a watchman in the
insurance company. Before that I was in the military. Sir, I have done my
job with complete.. ..loyalty and honesty. I have never given anybody
an opportunity.. raise his finger on me. I have never given, sir. Never! But now this letter! I had made the scenery
of my office.. ..that is why the manager
must be angry with me. Now he will even cancel
my pension, sir. Now I am doomed, sir. Go and take some rest brother. You are not feeling well. So you won’t be able to tell that.. ..what is written in this letter? Not without opening it.
Shall I open it? – No! Listen to me you are not well. Go home and take some rest. Why are they all behaving
in this way? As though I have gone mad. Yes! Now I have understood. Mad! What else is this
if not madness? After working in a good
office for 25 years.. ..can any respectable
person make toys? Did I get only this
kind of work to do.. spend my time? To make toys! Ok, so I have gone mad. Yes, I have gone mad. Don’t laugh on a mad man. Who knows that even you
may make clay toys.. pass your time and become mad? Office, dad’s village. Hey, what are you doing? Listen, listen! Listen!
What? Listen! Listen to me. What have you done? What happened? Oh my God! Such a big bulb? Now I can do anything.
After all I am mad. Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Why did you hit the stone? I like to break glass Papayas,
that is why. Come. – Come. – Come to
the police station. What I have to do with it?
I’ll see that too. I have never been to the
police station before. Yes, but I has been punished.. ..once in Mesopotamia. I used to get half meal. Wait. The way is not straight. Hey! Hey! Wait! Mr. Hari Sahay, leave. I will handle him.
– This is not the right way. We’ll meet with an accident.
Hey, why don’t you listen? Hey, wait! Wait! Wait!
Can’t you see? This is not the right way.
We’ll meet with an accident. Hey, wait! Wait! I am telling you, wait.
– What’s wrong with you? Govind, what are you doing?
– Wait! Wait! You don’t know anything.
– What kind of a drama is this? Listen to me, Govind. Hey Singh, why are you
in such a state? Sorry sir, I will not
stop you. You can go. Did you receive the letter
from the company? Yes sir, I got it.
Here, here it is. Hey, why didn’t you
open this letter yet? No, this is registered.
Don’t open it. – Yes. The manager liked your
sceneries very much. The manger has given you
a prize of 100 rupees. Here, take this cheque. Sir, do you feel that
I have gone mad? No. I find you absolutely fine. Sir, sir, sir. Govind Singh, get up.
What are you doing? Get up.
– Come on leave. Move! Move! What are you standing
and watching like that? Come on, move. Go. 10, 11 , 12. yes, so Singh
which new scenery.. ..are you making now? No sir, now I will never
make any scenery. – Why? That job is not fit
for an old person.

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  1. I am a big faaaaan of malgudi. every story makes us to think over and over. thanks to R.K narayan the writer of malgudi

  2. This story gives the message which is 100 % relevant in our today's life. We also get fear to do something new and always feel scared to do anything by thinking that this is not our forte and always do not to try new things just to keep our current income going on. Outstanding direction and acting & writing. I bet no one can beat such masterpiece in today's world.

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  5. The great message conveyed by the great RK Narayan.

    We sometimes doubt on ourselves, and this is where we lose self-confidence.
    If Govind Singh would have been self-confident on his art he would have never troubled himself and would have earned more money by making and selling more arts.
    Always believe in yourself, be confident and keep on doing what you want to. This is ultimate and only way to success.

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    Money is all they want, no emotion no meaning for humanity!

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