37 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATION: Drive-Through Junkie Reverses Death Prognosis

  1. Congrats, man! I’m inspired-aware of your weight-loss journey—👊🏼✊🏼🤘🏼I hit a similar bottom (well…heaviest weight…). The whole-food vegan diet is absolutely the most effective (most pleasant, cheapest, simplest, best for anyone who thinks that they can’t cook…?…well, ok, now all those “I can’t cook” people are outta excuses! “I couldn’t cook—I learned how via YouTube channels, recipes I found online & the like. Ikr?! So easy…). It’s so far my favorite way to just shed all that obesity!

    “Give it time & you’re gonna be fine” that’s what you said…I love that! Thank you for putting yourself out there & for all the confidence you have! Right now, my goal is <200 pounds. My heaviest-known weight was 241. Last spring, I went all-in-vegan. I acknowledged the sensory issues I had around handling & cooking meat…I cannot handle it! It’s awful, gross…just too much for me (I’m also an autistic woman w so many sensory-processing issues). I had a mantra: “There’s no blood allowed in my kitchen!” Haha, that evolved into my rallying cry—the first time I cut my finger during my “Tofu Bootcamp” cooking phase last summer, & kinda-prolly to the annoyance of my close-proximity neighbors, hollered…yeah, out-loud holllered, “THERE’S NO BLOOD ALLOWED IN. MY. KITCHEN!!”

    Now? Well, THERE’S NO BLOOD ALLOWED IN. MY. KITCHEN! That’s that… I’ve lost 31 pounds (maybe more?) so far & given the simplicity of a WF vegan diet, I’m well-equipped to lose ALL the weight I need to “be-healthy” lose. It’s really remarkable & bc my budget is so tight, I gotta mention how cheaply you can eat while remaining on suuuuch a healthy & balanced eat-life-style…eat’style? Do t want to say “diet,” be WF Vegan isn’t a diet at all, is it? (Nope.) 😃

    The financial aspect of Vegan freaked me out at first; I thought, “well, true veganism is just for privileged people who can spend whatever amounts they want to at the supermarket, whenever they want to go…right? Nahhhh!”

    Duuuude! I was so wrong! (I love when that happens bc I ❤️ learning new stuff all the time…). It’s basically the cheapest-possible meal plan (never gonna call it just a diet; honestly there are so many possible ethical connections that I cannot ignore. That doesn’t mean that I have like any stance of “you MUST have an animal-ethical, humanitarian &/or environmental-protection connection in order to call yourself Vegan.” Seriously, just eat all the plants; you’re all good.

    Honestly, the ethical components might help us stay the course, but they’re also very-personal belief systems…we don’t, as a vegan community, need to hold all ethics similarly strong. I believe in the ages-old “original” definition of A VEGAN—“if you eat everything BUT any food that contains any animal products, dude! You’re a vegan!”

    Lately I’ve seen too many “response & reaction” videos from YouTube’s “most-influence-y” vegan influencers. It’s been so many that I’ve either unsubscribed, disliked or just never watched that content. I’m just sick of all that judgmental disdain among what’s supposed to be a cohesive community…ugh, idk, that was annoying. We all care about suuuper-similar stuff, ok?!

    And now? Now I’m in that headspace between “I’m a woman w autism,” & I’m a vegan—naturally Greta Thunberg’s stance & forcefully confident words would/should/do (??!) mean a great deal to me… I’ve been asked rather exhaustively about Ms. Thunberg. I think she’s fantastic & personally I cannot get enough of all that she has to say, the tone in which she says it & the honest insouciance of her soothsaying. She’s wonderful & I hope she just keeps talking! (She never really says the word, “vegan,” does she? It’s really just implied that, if you heed her words, you “get it,” isn’t it? That’s cool… I’m 46 & I honestly wish that this 16-yo vegan-fantastically awesome grrrrl would just take over the world, already. Right??!

    Ok, that’s likely everything I have to say… (& I fairly-literally MEAN “everything,” yes? Ok good).

  2. 🖕🏽 to the 4 people who gave this video a thumbs down. I’d you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut! Keep up the great work, man! You did an amazing job. Good on you

  3. Wow! I had no idea you had these issues, kudos to you 😉 I wouldn’t have recognised you from that transformation – congrats!!!

  4. 👍great job, Chuck. You are a good model for obese people! To transform the sufferings from obesity problems you have adopted the method of self awakening. This is the most powerful "tool" to date for any self change by realizing that nothing can ever change you except yourself and by empowering yourself is what our great Dr Esselstyn advocates in presenting his wellness lectures. You have discovered the truths, the root causes and you are happier and it is impossible to go back to what you are before and that is what all religions worshippers told to seek! At this moment you are one of the few but with your jobs of telling the truths you will help transform the world. I believe within 5 years, the health landscape is plant-based diet will be the most popular diet in America and Europe. Then the whole world within a short time! Bravo chuck!

  5. Amazing transformation. Doesn't even look like the same person. I've watched some of his podcasts on the PCRM youtube page.

  6. How is a doctor is like: OMG if you do NOT eat the food that increases your cholesterol that… THAT MEANS YOUR CHOLESTEROL LOWERS?!??! 😮 ?!?!

  7. Congrats,
    Not knocking his amazing transformation & kudos on going plant-based❣
    Isn't this sort of like taking Tylenol for a migraine & praying at the same time? Which one did the actual healing?
    So, was it the surgery OR the plant-based diet? Perhaps both, yes?
    BTW: I am vegan. 15 years in & have been vegetarian since I was 10….50 years baby❣

  8. I've been watching his channel for a long time as he interviews people who have done the transition to a whole foods plant based diet, but this is the first seeing his own journey with it. He, along with so many others, look so great. His interviews are wonderful.

  9. I truly think no one is ugly if u look at anybody's body transformation there face changes too and it's always for the better

  10. aww he looks so good!!! i love him and hope he's doing well and happy❤️❤️😁😁😁✨💕☄️💫❣️💙💧💕🌬☺️✨⛈💞

  11. Its very inspiring ! I love these videos from you guys ! But I wish they would tell the short story of how they found veganism ☺️

  12. This guy has a great pod cast called "the exam room", now he's spreading the information on the benefits of plant based diets to the world

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